Thursday, April 12, 2018

That Second Half of Life Waves

I hit the age of 6 and Fifty this year. (For some reason it sounds more poetic that way :) ).  I've been leaning into our Lord ever so closely, as this time of life brings different types of trials than even 10 years ago did. This last year has brought miracles and loss, laughter and sadness, angst and peace in ways that has brought me to my knees and has helped me to shout praises too.

The scripture Joel 2:25 has been strong with me this past year. We watched our business go up and down... Our personal family history tells us now that we are strong even when the waves hit... and where we are today is better than where we were years past when we did not know how we would get through the months ahead... we know that God is always present. We are sure of it now. In the calm and in the storm, He is there. Many times we have been at the precipice and God has always met us in the 11th hour. Yes, not the 8th and not the 12th hour, but the 11th, is where He scooped us up before we fell. Experience. The past has shown us that we need not worry. That doesn't mean that we don't push forward and do what we can, it simply means that we keep pushing forward and the Lord will "meet us" along the way, as He always has, and now, we just know that with everything in us, He will meet us and our needs and sometimes exceed our expectations. If He can do this for us, He can do this for you.

(this post was started in January, hence "this past year" and was held onto as our journey kept us in waves, and continues to do so.... but we have a peace about us that I felt I should share and will continue to share. Many know we have move church locations in addition to the changes in our personal business too. The peace the I feel today is a beautiful gift from God.... as He shows me, even in the roughest of times, He will sustain us. God bless you... Know you are loved by an amazing Father Who wants the best for His children. Seek Him in all that you do and you will know Him and trust Him)

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