Thursday, September 19, 2019


I can't believe that I have not touched this Blog in over a year! It has been quite the year! Moving our church 2X, a church and office build out, homeschooling so much more!  Whew, right?! ...

A little tired 😂 but also amazingly energized to start this new study. Something to breathe fresh new wind beneath my/our wings!! God has such a way of picking us up, dusting us off and showing us that He is our strength and comforter, doesn't He? How easily I forget that He ever present! He is a where I\we can rest and regroup...but only when we push the other things aside and make the time for Him. Time miraculously grows... and time spent with Him becomes like the air that we need to breathe... then we want more and He sustains us!

Let's Recap!

Week One was spent with Heritage Church. How wonderful it was to join up with other like minded women (97 of them!) who are hungering for more of God in their lives! The worship was like fresh rain and it was so good to sit with our ladies and get a feel of what our days ahead would be like!


Journey Into Intimacy! Cultivating a lifestyle in God's Presence! And some Thank Yous! 

Thank you to Donna Heinrich for opening your home to all of the women at theeffect! A beautiful and gracious host! Thank you Donna for your heart and hospitality! I am so looking forward to co-leading these precious ladies with you this year!

Thank you to Heritage Christian Fellowship in San Clemente, for grafting our ladies into your family of women and sharing this study with us.

Thank you to the women at theeffect church for saying with your valuable time,  that our Father, our faith, this study, and these women are worth your time and commitment on Wednesday mornings! I do believe that God has plans for this group and each woman individually. I thank Him immensely for how He will speak into each of our lives and grow us even closer into His image!

I welcome each and every one of you to add comments and share what you may have received. Communication will add more thought and knowledge,insight to our week, and will help each other on this journey! Feel free to text and email each other throughout the week, please!

And now the study.... * This week was a delving into the Bible's personal nature and purpose. The Bible is God's love story for us. We read the Word not merely to gain head knowledge, but heart insight and transformation. We learned that we read to hear God's voice. We know that His Word will speak life into every area of our existence.

We were encouraged to read the Word daily. When we do this, a passion will grow within to stay in the Word, and the Word will create in you, with His Holy Spirit, an understanding of God Himself. The key is to be in the Word, taking it in, as it is truly our spiritual food, and then we will learn that the Bible reveals our new identity in Christ.

The Bible is Living and Active, and not merely a book. God speaks to us and into our lives with scripture. All scripture is God-breathed and inspired by the Holy Spirit. When we read, God speaks and his Holy Spirit reveals and activates gospel truth into our hearts and minds.

We shared beautiful and amazing testimonies of how God has spoken and is continuously speaking into our lives. Thank you so much to each of you! Your shares were great! I have known some of you for years and heard new testimonies that were powerful to my own heart!

Our homework last week was John, Chapters 1 through 5, and Psalms 1 and 2, (Sorry Judy! 😉), and to journal.

Homework for this week is to read John, Chapters 6 through 8, and Psalms 3 and 4, and to journal. Read the Beatitudes that were handed out. 

Try to find quiet time to read the Word slowly throughout the week. Meditate on what you read, and memorize passages that stand out to you if you can. Journal your thoughts, prayers and dreams, as God will speak to your heart throughout the week. If you don't have time to read, you can listen to scriptures on phone apps or you can find them on YouTube (thank you JoAnn for letting us know).  This is just one version, but there are more.

Please don't forget to carry your prayer card and to pray for the woman who gave you her card! And please keep her prayer request in your prayers. Prayer is so powerful! The power of prayer should never be underestimated! "The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective" James 5:16. So never lose heart and never give up on prayer. God hears you!

Thank you again ladies! We will see you next Wednesday, September 25th at Donna's house!

Here for you always!

Kingdom Women International


  1. I relived everything that was so beautiful about our time together last Wednesday as I read your blog. Thank you so much for taking the time to write this out. I was especially touched by 'we read (the Word) to hear God's voice', and 'as we take in the Word as our spiritual food, we will learn our new identity in Christ!

  2. Thank you so much for commenting. I appreciate your thoughts!

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