Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Wednesday With Heritage

Hello Ladies,

I hope that those of you who attended Heritage this morning were as blessed as I was!

The worship was so beautiful! I loved the energy in the room and the love that was surrounding me (you all) today.

The testimonies given by the women were so good. As we all create that "Secret Place" for our time with our Father, you will all have your own testimonies and I cant wait to hear them.

When we take that "time" just to "listen" to God... whether it is in a special place made for that purpose, or while sitting in our car, we will hear Him... please take a moment to listen for His voice. Even now. He will not disappoint you.

I have to share my testimony from this morning. There was prayer for healing for the ladies in the room and I believe it was Tiffany who prayed for those who had necks that were hurting. Frankly you all, I am always hurting everywhere, so I didn't think this prayer was for me. She asked the women to put their hands on their necks and she prayed. Well, I realized a few minutes later, while we were into the next prayer that my neck didn't hurt. Before the prayer my neck and spine were hurting, but maybe because the pain was connected to my spine I just didn't accept the prayer... but I realized that my neck and spine were not in pain! I don't know about you all, but I embrace this and own it and I am so grateful! Thank you Lord, Praise God!!

To me it was a God touch that I needed so desperately today. I won't lie, life has been a little rough lately. I had no more to pour out to anyone and God poured Himself into me this morning.

Please ladies, if you have testimonies, do not hold back. Please post or email us! Would love to hear from you!

Now I leave you with the song that we ended our meeting with this morning. Be blessed and I can't wait to see you all! God bless you and yours!

Cindi, Marti, Debi and Asia, you were very missed!
Praying that God anoints you with His own healing oil right now. Father be with these women and touch them with Your healing power. Your name is Above sickness! All glory, praise and honor are Yours Almighty Father!

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