Thursday, May 31, 2018

Having a Soft Heart in a Cruel World

When my husband and I have a free night, which is rare, and we feel the need to just "be", we will find ourselves binge watching shows (just like everyone else).

Finding it harder and harder to find shows that we can watch! I do not consider myself a prude and I love many programs that are on today, but I am realizing that I am becoming sensitized to the program content. I feel that this is God working in my life as I spend more time with Him. Shows that I used to watch and had no trouble watching are no longer ok for me.

Language and content are becoming a filter for the shows we watch. Not just that, but I am shocked at what is deemed "acceptable" these days. I am told that this is just the way the world is today and I need to just flow with it, but I don't accept that, and I am calling on all soft hearts to band together and share what they find appropriate and share-worthy with the rest of us! Please!

Would love for you to share here or on my fb page

Soft Hearts are beautiful and we need to stick together!

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