Thursday, May 31, 2018

Retreating in Place - Workshop

Going to a weekend retreat is a mainstay of religious practice, and more recently, taking up to a year off to live in a monastic community or ashram has become increasingly popular with people trying to establish an intentional spiritual practice. But as powerful as these timeout experiences can be, we don’t really have to go to the mountains or deserts to establish our spirituality, and unless a person is building his or her own personal structure within the program structure being provided, spiritual growth won’t be lasting.

This workshop will teach us how to build an ongoing retreat environment in the place where we actually live–between the raindrops of daily life. We’ll learn ways of creating the daily structure and discipline from the inside out that will take us where we really want to go.

Pastor Dave will be facilitating the group; for more information, please call 949-293-4259.

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